Why Do I Need Web Hosting

Are you planning to build your site on WordPress? You’ve made the right choice of choosing WordPress because it’s easily one of the best webpage builders that is very fast, easy to use and build. To turn your business website online, you need a web host and domain name. Without these two, users won’t be able to access your website. That’s why you need web hosting. Before we dive deep into why we need web hosting, let’s discuss what WordPress web hosting is.

About WordPress Hosting

In simpler words, WordPress hosting is needed to maximize the performance of your website and make it secure. You are only one click away to install updates and essential features for your website. There is an automatic update option. If you encounter any technical problems associated with your website, WordPress hosting has improved and better customer support. There are two types of WordPress hosting which are as follows:

  1. Shared WordPress Hosting

A shared web hosting refers to the sharing the resources of a particular web server with several other websites. Many websites use a shared server. One of the most significant advantages is such hosting services provide server at an affordable rate, so it lowers down your expenses. This type of hosting is suitable for blogging websites, small-scale businesses and personal websites.

Other features include one-click WordPress installer, automatic updates, reliable support team and control over your themes and plugins.


– It’s cost-effective since the shared hosting services are relatively cheaper, and the monthly cost is around $2.75.

– With shared WordPress hosting, you’ll get a professional email ID that is free.

– Companies also offer cPanel to make your websites easier to manage.


-It isn’t suitable for a commercial and large-scale business website that receives too many traffic.

-The server response time is slow; therefore, you may experience slow loading.

2. Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting is a hosting service that offers robust technologies for your website and makes sure that it’s up and running. The service provider takes care of the technicalities of your website while you focus on the business strategies and goals. However, note that these services would be expensive as compared to shared WordPress hosting. Therefore, it’s recommended to use managed WordPress hosting for large-scale business websites.


-It’s blazing-fast and secure since WordPress offers advanced technologies to increase the speed of your website.

-It provides regular backup of your website files and lets you restore your site.

-Themes and plugins are updated automatically.

-Lastly, the customer support is incredible. In case of any problems, you can quickly contact WordPress support, and they will reach out to you promptly.


-Managed WordPress hosting is expensive.

-The hosting service may put restrictions on using specific plugins that can slow down your site.

-With shared hosting, you can host any website as long as WordPress powers it.

Top Web Hosting Providers

  • Blue host

Bluehost is a popular web hosting service provider that is currently hosting over 2 million websites. It’s one of the hosting providers that deliver high performance, increased security, top customer service and all the features your need to grow your site.

The website has a high uptime which means your website will remain active for long without any disruption. If a site has a higher downtime, this would mean that you would lose traffic, resulting in very poor user experience. With Blue host, you don’t have to worry about your web server experiencing frequent problems.

Aside from that, the blue host offers fast loading speed and regular backup. You don’t have to worry if you encounter any problem with the site because you can always switch to the older version of your website by simply restoring it.

Setting up hosting on Blue host is very easy as it’s user-friendly, especially for beginners who are new to the platform. You can easily scale up your website by upgrading to higher hosting plan smoothly.


SiteGround is another renowned web host provider suitable for all types of business websites. There are 2 million users who are using Site Ground to meet their hosting needs. According to a study, SiteGround is ranked as the 4th website that has high uptimes annually. It makes sure that your website is always up and running.

What’s amazing is that SiteGround comes with free features like free SSL certificates and CDN. The CDN (Content Delivery Network) is responsible for minimizing delays in page loading and makes sure that users can see high-quality content (pictures, videos etc) at great speeds.

The SSL certificate is used to provide encrypted communication between the server and browser to ensure that your personal information, such as passwords, emails, and credit card numbers, are always protected.

The SiteGround is very flexible to use for beginners and experienced users. You don’t need prior knowledge to understand how SiteGround works because it’s straightforward. If you want to have access to advanced features, you can always upgrade to a premium plan.


A2 is another top web hosting platform that is known for its speed and reliability. It offers high uptime rates, exceptional customer service, rapid speed and increased security.

A2 offers faster speeds than its competitors like BlueHost. It has two plans: Swift and Turbo, each of which provides tremendous speeds for your site.

Moreover, A2 has an option of live chat that offers customer service round the clock as well as phone/email support. It comes with two anti-malware tools to monitor and prevent your website from any malware attacks. HackScan is used for providing security, whereas KernalCare updates the kernel’s security regularly without affecting the downtime.

Apart from WordPress, A2 can work well with other CMS such as Joomla, Drupal and Magento. With just a few clicks, you can easily install a CMS. The site can also migrate to a different web host without charging a penny.


Cloudway is a scalable and flexible web host provider that follows the pay-as-you-go principle making it suitable for businesses of all sizes. You only pay for the services that you use. There are different packages available that you can choose. The lowest package is starting from $10, and the highest package costs around $90.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to utilize the control panel, check the server’s performance and do a lot more. However, Cloudway has its specialized cPanel that would be unfamiliar to you, but you can refer to the tutorials and customer support.

The server is robust and speedy. Pages won’t take time to load, and the uptime is impressive. Other features include integrations with other website builders like Magento, Drupal, etc. You can add SSL certificates to your site and secure your server using the firewall, updates and authentication system. For developers, Cloudwys offers integration with MariaDB, MySQL and PHP.


By choosing an excellent web-hosting service you can have access to unlimited features, maximize the performance of your site and monetize it. Make sure to choose the type of web hosting that is suitable for your business. If you’re already have a running and successful site, a managed WordPress host is what you should go for.